Corporate Visions


Corporate Visions is a powerful creative process that aligns all stakeholders within an organization. This process facilitates basic transformation through clear understanding. Each stakeholder provides the platform for meaningful input, continuous contribution and value. Corporate Visions takes the visioning process out of the purely mental and brings it into the physical for continuous creation.


1. Developing a Vision Statement

Before any dream can become a reality, the stakeholders must define a common vision. This vision can focus on the large picture of a new company, the specifics of a new project, or the refining of an old, established organization. Corporate Visions brings together your key stakeholders to facilitate a process that results in the articulation of a clear vision statement, which broadcasts your message to your various constituencies. (1 day of facilitation)

2. Creating a Mental Image of Your Vision Statement

A picture is worth a thousand words. To help engrave your vision statement into the minds of your constituents, we provide an artistic rendering of the image that is conveyed by your stated intentions. This is delivered as an original oil painting. To further transmit your message, we also provide a logo that is derived from the key elements of the vision painting. The painting and logo may be used on promotional literature, websites, business cards and other professional purposes.

3. Developing and Implementing Your Action Plan through our Stakeholder Model Sensing Process

Stakeholder Model Sensing is a unique sensing process that leads key representatives of your various stakeholder groups into a place of becoming part of the solution rather than just victims of their situations. 
The Stakeholder Model process includes:

  • Identifying who the stakeholder groups are for your organization.

  • Developing and defining needs for each of those groups.

  • Determining which of those needs are being met.

  • Targeting which needs are not being met.

  • Developing stakeholder-driven suggested action plans to assure results.

(1 day of up to 4 meeting sessions)

Total Cost of Program = $3,600.00